Former residents…

  • "I can only truly recommend this place to everybody. During my medical studies I had received very little hands-on training, but during the short period I could spend here, I learned 1000 times more than during any other internship. I could feel that I was really part of the process from setting up the diagnosis to the patients’ healing, even if I didn’t even have a degree yet. It was a fantastic experience, thank you!"

    Csilla Czékus

  • "As a medical student, I had the opportunity to work in Dr Erika Csonka’s practice in Üllés on several occasions, both in the form of summer trainings and during my final year. The reception was cordial each time, and the environment fascinating. Dr Csonka has an exceptional pedagogic touch: her extraordinary teaching skills helped me to understand individual illnesses and the application of differential diagnosis. At the same time, she has an exemplary relationship with the patients. Interns may gather experience from the entire field of family medicine, since the practice provides care to both adults and children. Each member of the staff is helpful, without exception. You may engage in their work or turn to them with any professional issue. All in all, I was very satisfied with the internship and the time spent there was an important stage of my medical studies."

    Gábor Ádám

  • "I have only positive memories of the two weeks spent in the practice. First of all, the atmosphere was so cosy and positive that right from the start I had the feeling that I was treated like an old colleague or friend. I could sense how much confidence patients and their family members have for Dr Csonka and the nurses. In a friendly and familial atmosphere there was always a little time for some informal chat. The practice was a challenge also from a professional point of view, because the patient turnover was huge, ranging from the youngest to the oldest generation, so I was faced with very different cases. After getting acquainted with the theoretical and practical basics of family medicine and paediatric care, in fact I could work independently, always receiving the professional guidance and support I needed."

    Zoltán Végváry

  • "The whole team’s work can be characterised by high professional and human standards and strong values. With a receptive, open mind you will benefit from your time spent here enough to live on not only for years but for a whole life-time.
    You will gain first-hand experience of a complex, holistic therapeutic approach that fuses both Western and Eastern, traditional and alternative methods. And what makes the place unique is the focus on awakening the patient’s self-healing processes."

    Szilvia Buják

  • “I spent my family medicine internship at Medi-Csi 2000 Bt., under the supervision of Dr Erika Csonka, paediatric and family doctor. I chose this training area because I had heard a lot of great things about their training work. Now that I have some personal experience, I would definitely like to encourage students to come and spend their family medicine internship in Üllés. In my opinion this practice will suit especially those interns who are into gaining as much practical experience as possible, and who are curious of how all the theoretical knowledge accumulated during our university studies can be put into practice. They will certainly find themselves in a cheerful and inspiring environment.”

    Pribojszki Magdolna

  • "I began the practical part of my medical studies in the practice of Üllés. I can definitely declare that it gave me a sound basis and reliable knowledge, which meant great advantage and brought me acknowledgement also later on during the following internships. Because of the mixed nature of the patient base, I had the opportunity to work also with children and patients with special needs, and to acquire special communication methods.
    Maybe I should have started my account with expressing my gratitude to the whole staff of the practice for the energy they invested into me. I can only use superlatives talking about their high professional (and human) standards. Finally, I would like to mention what a great experience it was to be faced with the friendly, open attitude of the people in Üllés: it still warms my heart to think back of their genuine kindness and openness towards me. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!"

    Linda Varga

  • "For me as a young resident doctor, first of all the huge amount of high quality practical knowledge acquired within a relatively short time was the greatest benefit of my time spent in Üllés. Due to the large number of patients, you may collect more experience here than during the six years of university. Setting up a physical diagnosis becomes ‘routine’ within one or two weeks. In addition, Dr Csonka uses each and every patient, illness and examination as an opportunity for theoretical training to develop skills and competences.
    Although the practice belongs to basic care, since the clinical centre is relatively far away, patients turn up with the widest variety of complaints to be diagnosed and cured, thus eager resident doctors may become familiar with the diagnostics of several different fields.

    A significant part of the cases calls for urgent care, therefore you will experience also life-threatening situations where care—either final or sustaining—needs to be provided until arrival of the ambulance.
    Finally, the practice in Üllés accepts both adults and children, so whatever I mentioned so far applies to all age groups, as the health services provided here are not only for adults, but also for babies and infants, thus you may acquire a great amount of theoretical and practical knowledge tested at the representative groups of the total population."

    Flóra Timár