Márti Varga Mihályné

I finished my secondary studies in 1981 in Szeged, in the Zsuzsanna Kossuth Vocational School of Health Services, where I was trained to become a paediatric nurse. Later on, I continued my training and became an advanced practice nurse. For some years I worked in a crèche and a care home for elderly people. I joined the practice in 1994 and have been working here as practice nurse ever since. I assist patients with diabetes and other health conditions by providing them dietary and life style counselling, and I also participate in home care tasks. I love my job, because the continuous positive feedback of our patients keeps my enthusiasm alive. In addition, working with babies and toddlers brings cheerfulness and diversity into our daily work.

Macus Ádám Mihályné

I finished high-school in 1983 in Szeged in the Zsuzsanna Kossuth Vocational School of Health Services with a qualification in general nursing studies. I started my career as a blood donation nurse, then joined the practice in 1998. In 2005 I attended a training course to become a qualified physiotherapy nurse, and in 2013 I obtained my degree in nursing at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Studies of the University of Szeged. On the basis of my patients’ feedback I can conclude that these studies significantly expanded my knowledge and have proven extremely useful for my daily care work with the patients. My tasks include ultra-sound, electro-, magneto- and laser therapy treatments, within my own competence and upon doctor’s orders, but I participate also in home care tasks.

Krisztina Urbánné Makra

I took my final school-leaving exam in 1998 in the József Fodor Vocational and High School for Food Industry Studies, after which I attended different courses on basic PC-skills and touch typing. I started my career working for a company where my task was management and supervision of a 50-person team. In 2010 I obtained a qualification in kindergarten nursing, since it had been my old dream to work among children, but unfortunately I failed to find a position within this profession. Finally, I joined the practice on 1 November 2010 as an administrative staff member. I enjoy working in our team, because my colleagues are extremely helpful and supportive. And I love the job. My task is the electronic management and recording of health care documents, the preparation of patient documents according to the health care protocol, as well as the booking of appointments and the organisation of patient transport. Besides, I am the one responsible for the cleanliness of our practice.

Dr. Henriett Kamenik

I graduated in 1990 from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Szeged. After graduation I took up my first job at the Internal Medicine Department of Ferenc Markoth Hospital in Eger. After my two children were born, we moved back to Szeged and I got a position at the Oncology Department of Hospital No. II. However, due to an unexpected turn in my life I was forced to make a temporary career change and I enrolled into a BSc programme of the Horticultural College. In September 2011 I began my family medicine residency training at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Szeged. Currently I work for the medical partnership company Medi-Csi 2000 as a family doctor registrar. My specialisation examination is scheduled for November 2014, after which I plan to continue working as a practitioner in family medicine.