Registering at our practice shows your highly appreciated confidence towards us, therefore we would like to encourage you to contact us with any question or problem. You should, however, remember that your health is primarily in your own hands. As long as you are registered with our practice, we will assist you and provide you care to the best of our knowledge, yet the decision is yours. It is important for us that we mutually keep each other informed. Please note down anything you may find of importance (questions, complaints, medication, blood pressure or blood sugar values measured at home, opinions etc.). Accordingly, you will receive a written note of our important suggestions (e.g. regarding your diet, your medication or the date of your next appointment etc.). When you come to be seen, please bring with you any recent medical records (e.g. your patient booklet if you have diabetes or are on Syncumar-medication). You are supposed to take your medicines regularly, even when you come for a routine check-up. If possible, book an appointment beforehand and make sure you arrive in time. In the case of examinations that can be scheduled (e.g. NORSA-examinations, medical tests for obtaining/renewing a driver’s licence), please book an appointment a few days earlier.

Our services: in addition to acute and home care, we provide care also to patients with chronic illnesses either in the practice or at home. We are authorised to order medicines and medical appliances and to issue doctor’s certificates for sick benefit payment for patients unfit for work. An ECG and a 24-hour holter blood pressure monitor are available at our practice. For babies’ and toddlers’ screening examinations we take blood samples or refer our patients to the laboratory maintained by the local council. We regularly organise screenings, health education and counselling events. We provide risk assessment tests, examinations for driver’s licence and firearm licence applications, and draft medical reports. When necessary, we refer our patients to specialist practices and assist them with booking an appointment. If needed, we organise our patients’ transport or issue travel costs payment orders. Such payment orders are issued in accordance with the legal regulations for the patient and possibly the person escorting the patient enabling them to use public transport or if the patient is not in the condition to travel on public transport, to use a car.

Patients do not need a referral to be seen at the practices specialised in dermatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, urology, gynaecology, psychiatry, traumatology (trauma surgery) or the lung X-ray centre. However, these departments may require a pre-booked appointment or even a referral, if the patient needs medical consultation.

Medi-Csi 2000 Health Centre