My name is Dr. Erika Gabriella Csonka Czékusné, family doctor working for the partnership company Medi-Csi 2000 that provides health services.
I graduated in 1988 from the Faculty for General Medicine of Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University. After my graduation, I took up a position at the paediatric department of Semmelweis Hospital in Kiskunhalas, obtaining my specialisation in paediatrics in 1992.
In May 1994 I started practicing as family doctor at the GP practice No II of Üllés. Four years later, in 1998, I completed my specialisation in family medicine and have been participating in continuous trainings ever since.
Since 2005 I have been taking part in the higher-education training of qualified nurses, midwives, registrars, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate medical students of the University of Szeged. This year I am the supervisor of one registrar’s 10-month internship, and currently I tutor one more resident doctor.
I was asked to write one chapter in a book to be published under the title The family doctor’s role in health education (A családorvos egészségnevelő tevékenysége).
In 2011 I was invited to give lectures on “Enhancing team work within the practice” and “Establishing relations with key figures of preventive care outside of the basic care” within the framework of the National Communication Project of Screening Programmes entitled “The role of communication and life style from the aspect of screening”. The lectures were held in 4 different locations to medical doctors completing their specialisation.
With my colleagues we have participated in the organisation of the Health Protection Week ever since 1994. Last autumn we organised 45 different health protection, health education, training and social events in accordance with the goals set out in the Health Protection Plan of our village community.
In 2010 we established the Diabetes and Lifestyle Club, where I regularly give lectures. In 2013, in co-operation with the heads of the Child Welfare Service and the Psychiatric Community Centre we launched a series of monthly health education events called “How do you do it?”
I carry out my duties as nursery and school doctor laying great emphasis on continuous prevention and health education, working in close co-operation with the residential nurses.
Our practice applies a holistic approach: we complete traditional medicine with the methods of homeopathy and alternative medicine. Currently, besides our medical and care duties, with two full-time practice nurses and an administrator we make efforts to provide our patients with continuous health education. We do our best to help as many people as possible to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

Dr. Erika Csonka
family doctor